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"South Sun Rises" Book Cover.

South Sun Rises  A Bilingual Narrative Of The Borderland   Valentin Sandoval

Sandoval is not a peach-cheeked poet as so many of his professorial contemporaries. He's border man, a Chicano carnal, unashamed of embracing his roots, his hybrid corn mother and grandfather sky/sun. He holds PhDs in street living, unmasked suffering, loyalty, humor of forgotten ones. SOUTH SUN RISES is a poetic narriative of a pursuit of the American dream on one of the world's most compelling and dangerous international borderland, El Paso/Juarez. Reminiscent of Jimmy Baca's epic poem, "Martin and Meditations in the South Valley, it has a narrative arc expressed in a series of long and short poems. It is the story of Sandoval's mother's quest to define her identity and provide the foundation for a family in the United States. Rishing it all and leaving behind her life in Juarez, she finds herself isolated and alone in the gritty projects of El Paso. Her dramatic new life begins with a tumultuous crossing of the Rio Grande with "coyote" who dies while saving her from deadly river undercurrents. That inauspicious introduction into what would become her story in the U.S. portends a tough and textured life. In the projects, a local drug addict rapes her. She then has to contend with finding a better place to raise her children, while still gravitating to her homeland, Mexico, connecting to her roots and family and preserving her cultural identity while avoiding becoming engulfed in a cycle of poverty within sight of the American dream. Her children work to carve out their dreams in this unstable setting while staying connected as a family. The story is told through the eyes of the writer, forced to raise himself due to the fact that his siblings are working two jobs or caught in street dramas. The landscape is covered by a cloud of an almost Darwinian survival, with drug dealers, and gang wars permeating around a bicultural borderland that emanates a unique song and dance that is unlike any in the US. The book adopts poetics as a form of familial understanding, a surreal kind of folklore in order for the writer to understand the life cycle he finds himself in. Sandoval also uses that as a tool to search for his fathers voice, killed in Juarez, whom he never got to know. The story unfolds with a vivid and metaphoric interpretation that takes the reader for a tough and captivating ride.


The Signature of the Spiral  Daniel Wells Schreck

Poems that celebrate the natural beauty and the spiritual ambiance of the Southwest.  Schreck also writes of his deep concerns with issues of decision that face modern, thinking people.  From nature to nuclear, he employs his poetic voice to give structure and meaning to our way of life.


"The Signature of the Spiral" book cover.
Synopsis of "Spiral of the Spiral" and picture of Author Dainel Schreck
Book cover of Emanuel Martinez. Abstract art of mother and child.

Emanuel Martinez   Emanuel Martinez

This first retrospective volume on Emanuel Martinez encompasses the full evolution of his art.  It is a complete pictorial summation of his astonishing versatility and sustained quality of work over a lifetime.

" Emanuel Martinez: A Retrospective" A beautiful 9" x 12", 144 page full color book on his artwork s is available in soft cover for $15 and in hardcover for $25 (USA), plus $4 for shipping cost.


Saint Patrick Brigade Illustrated
Original Art By         Emanuel Martinez
Interpretation By    Daniel Wells Schreck
Edited By                   Gloria Castillo
"Saint Patrick Brigade Illustrated" book cover
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