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Drawing of hispanic man wth a sobrero hat holding a shot gun. Cover Image for "Tierra O Muerte"
Drawing of a man aiming shotgun next to Irish flag. Music cover for "Batallo San Patricio."
Las Acequias film cover, female child walking by a ditch
Cover Image for "The Signature of the Spiral" Text and abtract art.
Old time image of mountains, and oldie black bomb shell style car on road in front of a line of cars. Book Cover for "South Sun Rises"

 Film Screenings, Events & News

Watch Frontera Bugalú's submission for NPR's Tiny Desk contest!

Ni Una Mas - Las Almas Collective

The reality of the murdered and missing women of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is one that continues to haunt the community but in spite of this, the beauty and resilience of its people continues to shine through. This video depicts the story of the legend of "La Llorona" "The Crying Woman" who is eternally (in this case) searching for these missing women and cannot rest until she finds them. She is a symbol of the peace and justice that the people of Juarez continue to fight for. The video is Titled "Ni Una Mas!" "Not One More!" and this is the slogan that the community organizations and individuals of Juarez have taken up in order to promote awareness and fight for change within their community.

female child walking by a ditch. Cover Image for "Las Acequias" Film.

Jaime Chavez

Executive Producer:

Daniel Schreck



Dia de los Muertos Cosecha del Alma an evening of art, music, poetry, film, and celebration of our ancestors.  November 4, 2016, Kimo Theater Albuquerque, New Mexico 7pm

Alma de Jaguar Music Video Premiere

Frontera Bugalú Premiere of "Alma de Jaguar" video directed by Paco Ibarra. It was written inspired by the cities of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez. The people that live on the border are some of the most resilient and forgiving people you will meet. Despite the hardships, discrimination, low wages, corrupted governments, destruction of our environment, and violence against our people we move forward and continue to create, love, and live life. This song was produced last year by Fabian Chavez Martinez and Marco A. Ramirez. It also features the new line-up in the band.

The Scrapbook -

A film detailing the revolutionary artistic transformation of Emanuel Martinez. Read more about it in our Films Page.

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